Package Tours Receive Most Of The Blame?

Among all kinds of travelers, tourists in such journeys organized by travel agents are the one that receives most of the blame. However, little does the public know that tour operators now are becoming more aware of the carbon footprint in their guided tour vacation and trying to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Attendants in these group tours can also give a hand in building a greener future, preserving the natural beauty for the next generation to admire.

If you often travel in a package and want to make it “light”, we have some tips for you. Keep reading to find out.

Before You Leave

Find A Green Travel Agent

Picking an eco-friendly tour operator is of the utmost importance if you want to travel light in a package. This process will take great time and effort as you have to double check the information on the internet or from your friends and acquaintances.

Some essential points to let you know if a tourism company is moral or not are:

  • Information about the activities, schedules, and programs in one guided tour
  • Company policies or mission statements with long-term commitment towards eco-tourism
  • Real actions to promote the local community such as hiring native people, donating to local charities
  • Recognition from well-known travel organizations such as TripAdvisor
  • Clear and quick responses to any of your questions and concerns

Avoid Unethical Tour Activities

Sometimes you are not intended to cause harm the wildlife, but due to the ignorance, you get involved in an unethical tour. As a result, double cross any package that features:

  • Hunting or wildlife animal riding
  • Visiting sensitive ecosystems (protected forests, red list animal habitats, endangered natural coral reef, and so on)
  • Places infamous for labor abuse or overexploitation of natural resources.


Try A Different Destination

Traveling is about real fulfillment, not about following a trend. That’s why you should select customized packages which give you some free time to explore the tourist site on your own in between the guided tour.

It’s also a great idea to go to off the beaten track places as you will have more time with Mother Nature and nurturing your soul

There’s nothing wrong with visiting popular attractions but what about traveling offseason? This not only avoids the crowds but also saves much of the expenses.

Book With Sustainable Hotels

An environmental-friendly tour agent will recommend green accommodation. But again, you should double check the information by wandering around prestigious travel forums, reading the comments and reviews.

Staying in a hotel with lots of open air can help you recharge your batteries and eradicate negative thoughts.

Pack Your Luggage Wisely

After choosing an ideal company and having a perfect itinerary, there is nothing much to worry. Still, when you pack your luggage, you can help protect the environment by minimize the use of plastic, reuse zip-lock bags, bring your own water bottle and private belongings (for example toothbrush, comb…)

While On The Road

Lower Carbon Footprint

Aviation emissions are attributed to nearly all CO2 release in transportation, which can reduce the world temperature by 2°C or less. Still, we can stop traveling by plane due to its convenience. Therefore, you can save our environment by choosing non-stop flights or visiting cross-border nations so that you can reach the destination by car or by train.

Furthermore, traveling in small groups within the tourist attractions is also more eco-friendly as small-sized vehicles produce less toxic smoke.

Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

If you travel with Travel Sense Asia, our local tour guides will remind you to avoid plastic consumption and carry your own stuff. But in case, there is no reminder like that, you should be well prepared before going.

It’s better to eat in the restaurant instead of bringing the meal to the hotel because you will feel like a local in street vendors and at the same time reduce the plastic in take-away stuff.

Also, remember not to litter. If you can’t find a trash bin, the best way is to bring it to your accommodation.


Help The Local Business

You don’t need to donate a large sum of money for the local community in order to become a helper.

Simply going to a street vendor to enjoy the indigenous taste of the local specialty is a perfect option to get your stomach full and promote small restaurants run by individuals.

Instead of buying expensive souvenirs at the airport, why not looking for a authentic boutique in the area you stay to purchase handmade goods?

After Your Journey

Traveling in guided tours is not easy, but if you are lucky enough to come across a sustainable travel agent, your trip will not only less stressful but also environment-friendly. That’s why you should share your experience with others.

Try to spread your know-how to help others have a green expedition on a package holiday.

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